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A deeper understanding of yourself and others. Knowledge and insights  that broaden your scope and practical skills that enhance your competencies. Strenghtened mutual trust and confidence. And a celebration of diversity, THANKS to differences. It's all we work on, every day. Educating, training and coaching professionals and students everywhere. In responsible leadership, communication and collaboration. In critical thinking, self-regulation and media literacy. In problem-solving and creativity. All our programs are experiential and designed to have long-lasting effects. We've built a name for ourselves with it. 

We started in the Netherlands in 2009. Since 2019, we have educated Dutch and international students in English versions of our programs. Students will lead our future. A future in which mutual understanding and diversity in global citizenship are fostered is essential for coming generations. Therefore, we decided to focus our international activities on students and their teachers across the globe. This website is dedicated to our programs for them. 

The Academy of Understanding


We help increase self-awareness, mutual understanding and appreciation. Strengthen ownership and autonomy. Make much better use of diversity and energy. With a treasure trove of clear insights and practical tools that everyone can use to their own benefit. People knowledge and the secrets to the art of living that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Living together becomes much more fun and working together much more effective when we understand others better and they understand us. When mutual differences are not a source of annoyance and distrust, but of inspiration, appreciation and pleasure. When we replace exclamation marks with question marks. And humanity is the basis of being human. Welcome to the Academy of Understanding. It is our mission to make a sustainable contribution to greater mutual understanding. Wherever we can, using all our energy. Because it is high time that we also started working on the human climate.


Our logo stands for four things. It symbolizes Four-Mode Potentional: the source of all connection, with yourself and with others. It shows that your life always offers you a four-choice option, like a roundabout with as many turns. It's also a cloverleaf and we know what a four-leaf clover brings. And it's the Command sign, with which we want to indicate that you are firmly in control of your life if you combine compassion with responsibility and self-insight with genuine interest in others.


Do you have questions and/or ideas for cooperation? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Artists for Understanding

Human Connection


Featuring in

February 2024

street photographer

Hannah de Ruiter (21) from Nijmegen (NL). 

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