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Four Mode Perspective©

There are four ways to everything. We call them four modes. Four ways to solve problems. Four ways of thinking. Four ways of doing things. Four ways of communicating. All four are at everybody's disposal. Because we all have four-mode potential. The more you develop your own four-mode skills, the easier everything becomes. You connect with others more fluidly. You know how to find the right tone and arguments. You become more versatile and creative. And you become more successful in reaching your goals.


The Academy of Understanding has worked out the four mode perspective down to the smallest practical and understandable detail, so that people aged 8 to 108 (and older) can deploy them more easily and effectively in all areas of their lives. The four-mode perspective is an important part of Code of Understanding training programs, because it contributes so strongly mastering the art of appreciative living. For specific purposes, we have developed a number of masterclasses in which the four-mode perspective is explained, practiced and perfected in a very targeted way.

We offer a masterclass for communication professionals, teachers and students. Speak and write in the tone of the four moods and always use the correct, mood-specific arguments. The apotheosis: simultaneous four-mode communication. What you learn in one to two days is an enrichment of your communication palette that you will enjoy for a lifetime. 

We also offer a masterclass in four-mode change management, for professionals, teachers and students who seek to discover the secrets of effective change processes: people's divergent and often even opposing needs and concerns. It turns 'intangible' resistance into easily addressable desires, thereby paving the way for change-by-motivation.

Achiever mode

The achiever mode - Academy of Understanding

Guardian Mode

The guardian mode - Academy

Creator mode

The creator mode - Academy of Understanding

Connector Mode

The connector mode - Academy
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