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Camino trail for the Walk of Understanding

Walk to Understanding

The Walk to Understanding is the latest branch on the Academy of Understanding tree. Inspired by the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Walk to Understanding takes students from every part of the world out of the comfort zone of their educational institutions into the vast and beautiful nature of northwest Spain. There they will walk for 5 days on the ancient pilgrim route, guided by teachers. And that’s not all. Along the way, the students will be given assignments to discover secrets of 21st-century skills and becoming a true global citizen.


The Walk to Understanding is not just about the walking; it’s about the findings on your path 

Adding educational aspects to the walk and giving students the pleasure of discovering their own Camino (Camino means: the way) during the walk turned out to be a great mix. It is our intention to develop Walks to Understanding all over the world. Not only for students, but for anyone seeking to combine healthy walks with reflection and appreciative dialogues with fellow ‘pilgrims to understanding’. Every continent, country, region should have its own Walk of Understanding. The Academy of Understanding is currently talking with global partners to realize this ambition, that should contribute to more mutual understanding anywhere in the world.

Summer 2024: the first Walk to Understanding in association with Summer School Utrecht 

Summer School Utrecht has been the biggest international summer school in Europe since many years and is always looking to expand its program with innovative concepts. When we presented our idea, the board of the Summer School Utrecht joined in immediately. The result: in the summer of 2024 the first group of international students will join a team of teachers and trainers in León (Spain) and walk several stages to Ponferrada while investigating 21st century skills for global citizens.  

How to apply for the 1st Walk to Understanding

Utrecht Summer School will be the facilitator of this first edition of the Walk to Understanding 2024 in Spain. You can apply through their website. Only a limited amount of spots are available for students, so don't wait too long if you wish to participate.

The Walk to Understaning for professionals

Professionals who would like to experience the Camino and our program are welcome to join too. There will be a separate program for you. Use the button below to show your interest in the Walk of Understanding. We will contact you for further information.

Logo Camino de Santiago
Impression of the route between León and Ponferrada
Camino trail for the Walk of Understanding
Camino trail for the Walk of Understanding
Typical Camino signs on the Walk of Understanding
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