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Colorful hands for the Academy of Understanding

Frequently Asked Questions

Code of Understanding

1. Can we follow the training online?

No, The Code of Understanding training is a multiple day training programme and takes place inhouse or on a training location.

2. Can students follow the training together with teachers?

Yes! This has turned out very effective in the past.

3. What are the costs for universities?

Please contact us to ask for a tailormade offer. 

Circles of Understanding

1. Can students obtain credits for this programme?

Yes, if you define the assessment criteria and students meet that, you can grant them credits. If you want to have help with that, please contact us.

2. Can we integrate the circles in an existing study unit?

Yes! It is a great tool to add to your existing study unit(s) as it is hybrid and easy to implement.

3. Do you need to moderate the circles?

You could, but it has been proven that minimal moderation makes the contribution of students higher.

4. Do you need to evaluate the circles?

We advise to evaluate the circles after 6 weeks, either online or offline.


Walk of Understanding

1. Is the Walk of Understanding only for students?

No! Anybody can walk the Walk!

2. Is the Walk of Understanding free of charge?

No, you pay for the route and the assignments.

3. Do you need guidance for the Walk?

No, but if you need guidance, feel free to contact us!

4. Can you walk the Walk alone?

You could, but it's intended to walk in a group, so you learn from each other too.


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